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What Are The First Few Things You Should Do After Getting a New MacBook?

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Congratulations! You’ve done it. You have finally got your hands on your new MacBook or MacBook Pro. So, it’s probably time to start installing your favourite programs and do everything you planned to do on your new laptop, right?

No, not so soon.

If you really want to preserve your data and ensure a good MacBook experience, here are a few things you should do first.

Follow the Setup Assistant

This is the easiest step and won’t even require much effort from your end. As soon as you power on your new MacBook for the first time, it will launch the setup assistant, which will guide you through the entire setup process. You might have to connect to the internet for some of the setup processes, so make sure you have an active internet connection and any password in mind.

During this process, you will get the chance to log in to your Apple ID or make a new one. The assistant will also give you the option to set up some security measures, such as Find My Device and FileVault.

Check for Any Software Updates

Once your system is all set up, you want to make sure you have the latest software running. Therefore, you need to check for any software updates available. Go to the Apple menu at the top corner of the screen and click on System Preferences from the drop-down menu. Then, click on Software Update to check for any updates and update your MacBook or MacBook Pro if there are any.

Connect to Printer and Other Devices

If you use any printers, scanners, speakers, or other similar devices, you can set them up at this point. This way, you can get all your devices connected and running in one go for an uninterrupted MacBook experience. Simply connect the devices through Bluetooth or physically and follow your new MacBook’s built-in prompts.

Connect to your iCloud Account

If this is your first Apple product, this won’t be relevant to you. However, if you’ve already used Apple products before, such as an iPhone or iPad, you can connect to your iCloud account to sync all your data quickly. To do this, launch iCloud from the System Preferences menu, log in to your account and select all the things you want to use or sync across your devices.

Check Out the Mac App Store

Your new MacBook is almost ready for you to start using. The last step you want to do is check out the Mac App Store and see all the applications and programs it has to offer. You can download all the apps that you need for your daily work or otherwise.

Final Thoughts

If you are already familiar with the iOS system, this setup process should be quick and easy for you. However, if you’ve just switched from a Windows system, it will take time to get familiar with things. You should make use of the help menu, get familiar with the features and learn the shortcuts right away to make your new MacBook experience more enjoyable.


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