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A Mac owner who uses no security software at all runs less risk of being infected by spyware or a virus than a Windows user who obsessively protects his or her PC. In the last week alone, two Windows-using pals have been crippled by attacks; I've never heard even one real-world horror story from a friend about a Mac security meltdown.

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In my experience Macs crash less, suffer from fewer inexplicable slowdowns, deal better with tight memory situations, and boot up and shut down quicker and more reliably. I don't pretend to have all the answers why, but it presumably doesn't hurt that Apple is the only company in the business that writes its own operating system and designs its own hardware.

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Macs can leave you happier and more productive than you would have been if you'd bought a Windows system, and you can't underestimate the feeling that you got good value for money even though a Mac is never the cheapest option.
Macs are simple to use and reliable (they're not bulletproof, but they do tend to be stable), which is why they've scored the highest in customer satisfaction surveys for the last decade.

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